Georgie Taking Off her Blouse

Georgie videos is maid to this really rich married couple and she has to go there every day. Georgie has a kinky fetish that every time she’s alone in their house she takes a piece of clothing from the wife and wears it. That is what happened today in this down blouse loving update, when Georgie wears this superb red dress in which she looks amazing. Any way the main thing here is that her cleavage is exposed the whole video. Wow, this curvy and sexy milf sure has some sexy and luscious shapes, and for this afternoon you get to see her showing them off to the cameras as she goes about her chores.

georgie exposing her big uns at downblouseloving

This blonde babe says that guys always seem to be infatuated with her and her sexy body and they always try to pick her up. Well, we can honestly say that that’s not really a surprise as this cutie does pack some pretty sexy shapes. And her choice in clothing is quite sexy and hot too. Today she gets around to clean around the living room, and you get to see this gorgeous blonde babe wearing her sexy and tight little red dress with some nice cleavage to expose her big and round tits in all of their sexy glory. Enjoy her show for today everyone and come back next week for some more fresh content!

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